Friday, 2 July 2021

Knock Knock, who's there? Bream pb

Date fished 2/7/2021

3pm until 6.30pm

After a successful opening week on the river, I decided to have a short evening session on the lake. I decided to fish Tilcon for the Bream - I would love a 5lb plus fish.

Since my last fishing trip, I have been down to Dorset to celebrate my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. Apart from a long time spent in the car, it was a great weekend and chance for the whole family to get together for food, drinks and chat. Family pics were taken and I got my 40th birthday present from my sister and brother in law. A fabulous picture of me and the kids in homage to Fishin' Impossible!

I needed to pop into the office, so after lunch with a work colleague I headed to the lake. One rod, small amount of tackle and bait, I was planning on stalking a few swims. I would just cast a single hybrid feeder next to lilies and wait a short time in each swim. I was hopeful of bagging a few as the afternoon and evening drew on. 

When I got to the lake my usual swim was taken so I went round to fish in Tom's corner. It just started to rain and with no coat and no brolly I hoped this was not set in for the night. 

It rained constantly for 30 mins, when it started to get heavier I was soon drenched. Desperate measures were called for, so I put my unhooking mat over my head and sat in my make shift tent. It worked a treat and for the next 40 mins of rain I was dry. Soon the knocks started. Constant taps on the rod tip. The fish had arrived. A small bite and I wound in a small skimmer no bigger than my hand. Gladly or sadly the blank saver came off just at the bank. 

When the rain stopped it was a lovely evening. Fish started to top and I started to bait more with new Raspberry Crush micro pellets. This had an impact, large swirls and fish going crazy. They must of really loved or really hated the raspberry. My rod was constantly knocking with line bites and moving fish. I carried on feeding and they carried on eating!! Eventually the rod indicated a proper bite and I was in. The fish popped to the surface and a carp jumped out the way. My fish was a bream and it looked like a five pounder. It was soon in the net and resting. I readied the scales and would you believe it??? 

4lb 13oz. Not quite my five pounder but a new pb so I was happy!! 

I never did move swims and I fished on and the knocks continued. A few showers came and went, but none heavy enough for the make shift rain tent! 

The sun finally came out and soon I was dry. This coincided with the bites stopping. A good 20 minutes passed with no knocks. I was happy with my pb and have a planned trip tomorrow on the Swale, so I headed home to get ready for the 3.40am alarm! 

Night all. Please no more knocking until tomorrow! 


  1. Lovely painting.
    You need to pile more bait in the fish are clearly undernourished.

    1. I will take a bucket load next time!!