Friday, 11 August 2017

Orfe, Eel and torrential rain

Dorset was the scene, August, summer holiday with the kids at my parents house. Perfect for a spot of pole fishing with Rupe and Sam, neither had used their new weapons and as 7 year olds should be, both were eager to try.

3 generations of Chumbley loaded the car and set off to buy bait. 4 pints of mixed later, after all we would be filling in now!, at half price, don't ask, and we were ready. We met sam at the venue, UK Llama in Mosterton, paid, provided our rod licence numbers, which we agreed was a good thing. There is often the debate about venues or tackle shops "checking" licences as a means to keeping our sport regulated, and I don't think its a bad thing.

We walked past the Llamas and saw the lake. WOW!!! It looked amazing. Only 5 swims in a pond about 70m long by 35m with a small island in the middle. Lots of bank cover, various depths and each swim had a wooden platform and space for rods and kit.

It really looked lovely. We were told it contained Rudd  Crucians, mirrors and commons to 18lb, Tench, Chub, Eels and Golden Orfe. We had maggots for bait, so started "filling it in".

Rupe started on the whip and Sam on his rod. They were soon catching Rudd every chuck and loving life. I continued with the feed, trying to entice larger fish in. Am sure they were there but it was hard to get through the small stuff. The more handfuls that I applied, the more swirls where happening. Soon Rupe struck into something that was not 4 inches long!!!

After playing it superbly on his whip with a little help from daddy, we slipped the net under a lovely Golden Orfe of about 3lb. Rupe was so happy to catch " my biggest ever fish, daddy"

Sam immediately suggesting he would like to use his pole now too!! I rigged him up, with a ready made rig that had the pole  float upside down, strange I thought, and removed it to change later in Munchkins (My nan) room later with a few beers. I set Sam up and left him fishing with Gramps, as I went back to see what Golden boy was doing. Soon, after another thousand small Rudd  Sam was squealing with delight as a huge snake thrashed under his pole. Ok, it was an Eel, but he is 7. After a great battle on his pole, the strong swimming Eel was in the net. I have caught many Eels before and their strength always surprises me. This one was no exception and a lot bigger than the ones I have ever caught. It was soon unhooked, and after showing it to the man who had dug the lake back in 2000, it was off on it's way. 

We now needed lunch, a good few sandwiches, crisps and chocolate later we were back to fishing. Again we all fed heavy. Rupe had begun putting on his own maggots, albeit impaling the hook right through the middle, and he actually liked throwing the maggots in. Sam was unhooking and returning fish himself and Davey was fishing in his normal way, one eye closed!!

It suddenly got very dark and hot as we watched some people walking Llamas around the lake towards us. They had been on an experience to walk the countryside with these unusual looking creatures, the Llama I mean!!
Then it started, rain and I mean RAIN.
It was torrential, thunderous. As I shouted for the boys to go with Gramps under the tree, my rod bent over and the spool sung a jolly scream. I was stood in the pouring rain playing the best fish of my day. Quickly, due to the rain, it was in the net. A lovely looking Carp that the boys thought was huge, it was, compared to the days Rudd.
All that was left was for Davey to visit Specsavers and take a pic....

Don't think Chappy will be worried about his job at Anglers Mail.

As the rain poured, he kept trying and eventually got lucky

When the rain stopped, we packed up and headed for warm drinks. A successful days fishing that showed all ages can enjoy a day on the bank, but not take a good photo!! And it only took me two beers worth of time to sort the pile of tackle the three of them left! 

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