Saturday 14 April 2018

Prawn to Checkmate

Date fished 14/04/2018

This is a different blog today, as this is a live blog. I am currently sat on the bank. I am at Lonsdale Park in Cumbria, a holiday park that allows day tickets at certain times of the year. As the title suggests, I am using prawns as bait. Is the first time I have tried using prawns, so in my own stubborn way, I am not giving up till it works. No fish yet, but they are crashing around and showing all

over, so I will get back to it...
Is ok though, I am not alone

Plenty of bait too!!

First fish 13Lb 12oz and a new Pb!! Pic and details to follow..

I continued with the prawns and swapped the other rod with meat, paste and bread. As the sun got stronger there was quite a few carp cruising the surface. My mate who told me about Lonsdale told me to take a loaf of bread to try for Floating but I only had a small roll with me.

 I tore a few pieces off and baited an area. It was slow but the fish came. I tried with some on the hook but nothing. An hour later I saw a carp about 10 ft from the bank, feeding on the surface. 
 I cast the bread and waited. Perfect cast. The larger piece was completely engulfed. I waited. The line started to tighten. Strike. I was indeed "in". Now the Carp turned into a train  the strength was clear. Slowly I started to win and when it surfaced I knew it was a good fish. As I got it to the net, I knew it was going to break my current 9lb odd Carp pb.
It weighed 13lb 12oz! New pb. I was so happy!!! After a few pics, back she went.

I fished on, stalking and changing baits but with no luck. You can see from my Finygo map recording, I covered the whole lake.

I will update the pics later but this is the best I have at the moment.

Today was all about trying a new bait and perseverance with it. However, it shows that in fishing you may have to go back to what you know and keep the perseverance for another day, Checkmate!

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