Sunday 14 January 2024


Date fished 14/1/2024
8.30am until 11.30am

Ryton and District Angling Club has recently acquired a short section of the river Derwent at Blaydon. I still have not fished the Tyne, that flows through the town I live in, so I couldn't ignore this chance to fish closer to home. 

I was hoping for a Derwent grayling.

A leisurely cup of tea and homemade flat sausage muffin and I was soon on the road. A short 25 mins and I was there.  

I faffed around at the entrance, then I noticed someone in the distance in waders. I drove over and it was another club member, Philip. I knew he had fished here before, so it was perfect timing to be shown the ropes. He showed me the way to the river and it looked spot on.

Philip headed off upstream and I fished the first spot. It was fairly shallow, clear with a good pace. Perfect trotting water. I waded and started to fish. No bites, but I was sure this was the spot, maybe later. 

I headed upstream and met Phillip. We leap frogged likely looking swims, plus ones we could get to without slipping over. I think we managed one slip each. It was actually easier to walk in the water from swim to swim, but with potential for deep holes, the bank was the safer bet. 

Eventually the float disappeared and my first Derwent fish found the net. 

A good sized grayling. I fished on, and made it to the top limit. This was a bit of a recce and fish session, so was important to see it all. It's only a short stretch but looks great. I fished back down to the spot I first fished and finally, after feeding heavy got a bite. More a fingerling than a grayling, but it was perfect in miniature and most welcome. 

Phillip had fished hard and was unlucky not to have had any bites. He decided to watch me for a bit before heading home. He enquired if I was off to see Ronald on my way home?!,  My reputation must preceed me!! 

We both saw my float disappear in a spot with both thought was very fishy! This fight was not a grayling, unless it was a whopper! 
The flow was strong and the culprit knew just what to do. Another out of season Trout, but at about a pound and a half, a good fish. 

It sulked in the edge, before swimming back towards the fishy area, I will be racing Phillip to that swim next time!! 

A productive three hours fishing, with only three bites but all resulting in fish. I can see the potential of this stretch and will be back to NE16 very soon!! 

Saturday 13 January 2024


Date Fished 13/01/2024

8am until 1pm

The rivers were not my friend over Christmas, and with still waters limited the rods remained in their sleeves. My first free weekend, so I needed to get back on the bank, or in the river. I decided to fish for grayling on the Tees in a familiar spot. 

Trotting gear, waders and frozen maggots were assembled and packed. I headed south.  Parking up and tackling in the semi darkness was perfect. I waded to the spot as the light took over.

I would not advise to wade alone, but I do know this stretch well and I didn't really venture far away from the bank. If you are going alone, always tell someone where you are going and what time you might be home. I told Ellis, which was a great idea as he is in Cyprus!! 

The river was surprisingly low, considering how high it has been these last few weeks. It was also "warm" and very clear. Ideal trotting conditions. Second trot down and the float disappeared. My first fish of 2024......

Out of season but hard to avoid. Took a pic as my first of the year, but the other three I caught, including a 2lb plus fish, all returned from the net, having never left the water. 

A few more trots and the first grayling, a good sized fish to start with. 

In truth, the stamp of fish today were really good. I caught seven grayling from two areas fished. All were 12oz to a pound. I weighed one (biggest, I think) and it was 1lb exactly. 

I chatted with a couple of other anglers, one lure fishing for perch and one ledgering for chub. Ellis and I have fished this stretch most winters and hardly seen a soul, so it was nice to know other anglers were here too. 

It was nice to be back on the bank and amongst some fish. A short session today as I am going to fish a new river tomorrow, so I am looking forward to that. No spoilers, but I don't need to leave the NE postcode.....