Tuesday 30 August 2016

What Type of Fisherman am I?

What type of fisherman am I?

I read Anglers Mail every week and it always then makes me think, what type of fisherman am I?

Most of my fishing and therefore my kit is Pike fishing, although I still have a pole, a keep net and 2 Abu 1044’s!

I have storm wraps and pegs for my 50 inch brolly but I do not think they have ever been wet.

The bottom of my box which remains in my seat box is full of star lights that have passed their use by dates.

My Bite alarm takes an AA battery and would be better placed at the front of my house to let me know when someone is at the door.

I have never fished a match, but I will say to my dad “first to catch gets the beers in” and to my son “first to catch gets to choose the cakes”

The number of packets of hooks I own reassembles our biggest on line fishing shops stock.

I have never dropped a lead on purpose and always take my litter home.

My knots are always planned but then end up from my head, and my rigs are perfect for me.

I love to plan my trip to the n’th degree, but no one ever tells the fish that!

I have a whole box of stick floats but have never seen them bury as the lady of the stream devours the red maggots dangling below.

I am a member of 2 clubs, but will also collect day tickets like stamps!

I have dipped a boilie once and flung it with a 3oz lead 50 yards towards an island where a Coot promptly ate it.

I have sat in a boat on a reservoir in 40ft plus of choppy water, and sat round a pond chopping luncheon meat for trout, stocked to be fished for in the close season!

My PB is a 15lb Pike, but my scrap book is full of pics. My biggest Bream and Tench combined would barely scrape a pound

I am the best type of fisherman as I love my fishing!