Sunday 13 May 2018

The little Tinca's

Date fished 12/5/18

As I write this now, titled "net for sale, used only once" I think of all the blanks I have had and will have. Its really not the catching that is important, but the doing, trying and being out. I think after I write I may change the title, now lets see what unfolds to determine this................

I was back to Lonsdale Park, this time to target the Tench (Tinca tinca) to be precise. My friend, Aidan had fished here last week and had 5 tinca's to 5lb 9oz. Having never caught a "weighable" tinca, I was up for this.

It was an early start, at the lake at 6 something. I was going to start float fishing with pellet and corn. I set the float to fish over depth, with a weight near the hook. I started by baiting a spot near reeds. Bubbles surrounded my float but I caught nothing.
Moving after a tip off from my friend, as in "this swim, this bait, cast here" I continued on the float. This produced plenty of liners but nothing took my bait. It was so enjoyable sat watching the float amongst the fizz and liners, a tinca would have just been a bonus.

It was colder in the morning, but soon the sun came up and it was hot again. I walked around the main lake watching the carp on the surface. A few casts with bread had plenty of takes but no fish.
I went back to the first lake, again with the float. Same outcome. Plenty of bubbles and liners but nothing took the bait.

I fished till early evening and then packed up for home. I am enjoying fishing at Lonsdale, gathering info and data, storing it on the Finygo app, my blog and my head. It will give me a history which I can use on future trips. Something I need to develop on the rivers too come June 16th.

In my head it's easier on a manmade lake as it's less changeable than on the mother nature owned rivers, I guess no one told the fish that. They really can be little tinca's.

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