Monday 22 April 2019

Robin shows the way

Date fished 22/4/2019
7am till 3pm

An Easter trip was planned with Aidan, but unfortunately he could not make it, but he went yesterday. I asked him to put some bait in for me, which would help me out today. He never said if he did or not, but I fished his swim and caught, so I am saying he did. Thanks mate!

The plan was for an early start, Aidan being a master baker (non eupho) meant he was used to be up early, so when he couldn't make it, I still went early. Alarm set for 5 something and before 6am I had set off and was on my way to Lonsdale Park.

After dipping my net, loading the trolley I set off for the lake. Half way there, I realised my net was still in the dip, so back I went! Eventually I was with net again, and at the lake. There was plenty of fish topping, bubbles, splashing and movement. It looked promising.

I set up the korum hybrid feeder, have been using it alot recently, and cast it out. Sweet corn on the hook.

As I started to set up a float rod, my tip ducked and dived, no low blows and I didn't give up. I hit the bite, and was soon unhooking a nice roach. The blank avoided.

As I started to float fish, whilst watching the tip, 2 things happened. The float bobbed and the tip bobbed. I missed both. It's hard to be in 2 places at once. I put the float rod away and concentrated on the feeder.
Regular readers will remember the bait given to me by the guys on the Thames to help me tempt a Bream. I had a few of these left, so put on the larger pellet. Now, what was it called?!?

As I sat back and admired the view, the rod hooped over and the free spool spun around. I struck and felt weed. The fish had ploughed straight through a big patch. I kept pressure on and plop, the fish came free of the weed. It was a big strong fish, must be a carp I thought.
Soon the green sided, red eyed warrior slipped over my net. It looked huge and after last sessions 3lb pb Tench, this looked much bigger.

Neatly un hooked and rested, it was time. Into the sling he ( I found out after, it was a male) went. It was another pb. 5lb 4oz!! I was buzzing.

As he swam away, I quickly cast back to the spot. And waited. What do you do when you get a pb? Well, I thought a celebratory cup of coffee and sausage sandwich was in order.
I sat back and 3 bites later, the spool sounded again! Another strong fighting fish, and soon my second Tench lay on the mat. This fish going 4lb 5oz, an opposite weight, and only their order of arrival stopping 2 Pb's in one day!

I now had 2 rods, ledgered with the magic pellets on the spot. I sat back, I dared not to eat another celebratory bite!!

Sadly the Tench had other ideas and this was it for me. I moved to the main lake.
This lake is big, really big. There was only one other angler on the whole lake, and he was in the swim I have fished the last few times. Typical!

Finding a new area and moving swims a couple of times, I settled on a corner swim with a channel to my right. I would fish for carp in the main body of the lake, and fish for roach close in, down the channel.

Catching roach on the float is as enjoyable as fishing gets, and soon I had at least 10 or 12 to my name. I had actually forgotten about the carp rod. Then a Robin hopped down off the tree, and caught my eye. I looked, he looked. He then flew up and sat on the rod I was holding! I had to hold it tighter  to stop it tipping such was the weight and the angle. Was this a sign??

Of course, the pellets given to me were Robin Red in 4mm and 8mm, this must be a sign. I stopped the Roach fishing and put on the pellets.
Waiting, I saw a Robin again, I watched it as suddenly my ledger rod pulled round, once, twice, thrice. I sat and watched. The fish was gone.
I rebaited and recast. Again it happened. Again I missed it. Stunned into silence, I just watched. Switching to the smaller pellets, it happened again. Roach were the likely culprits, not the carp I wanted, but it made for a good story, and was all true!!

As I packed up early, in still scorching heat, I soon realised, next time a bird sits on your rod, be sure to listen. It may be a sign!!

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