Saturday, 6 April 2019

Back to back Pb's

Date fished 6/4/2019
7.30 am till 6pm

Forget Tiger roll doing back to back Grand National's I have just completed back to back personal bests!!
When it happened, it got me thinking

1. Three of my Pb's have come from the same venue.
2. My Pb's are actually pretty low!!

These two points aside, I am happy and it's been a great day. I will tell you all about it now.

After last week's success, I was heading back to Lonsdale Park in Cumbria to target the Roach and maybe have a sneaky rod out for the carp. Setting off earlyish, I drove the shortish drive to the lakeish venue - one defo does not make sense there!

Setting up in the same swim as last week that I caught the big roach, my plan was to fish in the same place but hopefully by feeding it all day, I could elaborate on last week's efforts.

It started well, bites came almost straight away. But this was going to be the longish game. I was not able to hit every bite, but it was fun to be active. I had the lake to myself, wait no, I saw another angler arrive. He had a bigger nose than me, naked legs, his camo was grey and when I went over to see how he was doing, he rudely flew away!

Soon I caught my first Roach, the plan was coming together.  Some human anglers joined me and in a while we had a few areas of the lake covered. They were all carp fishing, sat motionless behind rods, did they not know the Roach were ready to play?!

The baillif came round for a chat. I asked about Tench, he assured me they were mainly caught on a different lake, and not yet. A few more warm days would get them going. I would be back for these one day soonish.

I caught a few more roach as others sat motionless. I missed a few too, well lots. The tip was rarely still but I put that to small Roach attacking the sweetcorn or the pellets in the hybrid feeder.
There was no mistaking this bite though, the rod whipped round and I struck. Straight away the fish was away, around my other line. This must be a carp I thought. I was able to play it in front and then I saw the big green flank. Slipping into the net, I had my Tench.
It was a battle scarred warrior, but I was so happy to have caught it. I weighed it at just about 3lb. A pb. I had never caught a Tench worth weighing before, and I was buzzing!

As the sun got stronger, there was plenty of carp cruising about, some only a few feet from me under the rod tip.
A few more Roach followed, and I sat and watched 8 lovely koi carp in the lake behind me swim about, but these are uncatchable(ish)!!

Soon, everyone else packed away, and I was left on my own again. It was a quietish day interrupted by a Pb Tench. I ended on 6 Roach and the Tench, what more could I ask for?

N.b Lonsdale has given me a pb Carp 13lb 12oz, Roach 10oz and now Tench 3lb.
As for No. 2, well I am happyish to catch anything, regardless of the size!

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