Wednesday 30 October 2019

Always worth a trip, New Pb!

Date fished 29/10/2019

7.30 am until 5pm

Today I had the day off work and was planning a trip.  As is my usual way, I put some local feelers out and was given some advice. The river level was due to be fishable, after weeks of being flooded so I bit the bullet and was committed to heading to the Swale at Morton. I had cheese paste and luncheon meat and Chub was my target.

Setting off early, I was on the river soon after sunrise.  If nothing else, the views were spectacular!

Walking to the swim, I saw a big lob worm crawling across the path, I saw this as a sign and picked him up and put him in my net. He was going to be my first bait. Walking across the grass, slightly covered in frost, mist rising I headed up stream. Passing through a gate with a hop skip and a jump, I noticed the worm had fallen out of my net. I saw this as another sign and it didn't bode well!!

Starting in the swim I was advised of I cast in and waited. It started off cold, but as that sun got higher it became warm. The thermals I had on probably were not needed but am sure they will be in the coming months!

I had cheese paste moulded around a hair rigged cork ball, and a short hook length to a feeder filled with bread crumb and bits that were left over - pellets, corn and dead maggots.

After a few knocks with no fish, I decided to go for a walk. I headed upstream to swims where Ellis had caught in the past. Nothing here at all. I went down stream to where Ellis had caught before. Nothing here either. Realising I was not Ellis I went to a spot where I had caught before. Nothing here!! Failing all of that I went to a spot we had both caught, more just to see it. This is the swim we are trying to fish at various points in the year as a comparison – I can confirm Ellis, NOTHING HERE EITHER!!

It was now 2pm and I thought I would go back to the first swim to sit it out until dark. I had now used all my ground bait, so I was straight ledgering. I had a bush to the right and I was casting close to that, but then I saw a fish surface to the left in the faster water, presumably a trout. I had also been casting just to the edge of the flow, but my next cast, I went straight in the middle.  I took off the weight and free lined a larger ball of cheese paste, watching it go down with the flow and gradually stopping. I waited. The line suddenly tightened and the rod jumped forward, it was 15:18 and the first fish was hooked. I picked up the rod and the line went slack. My hook was slightly straightened, was this my chance gone?

Changing the hook link, I was back out in the flow. The light was soon dropping and the conditions looked perfect. I saw the line start to tighten, this time, I was on it faster and struck into the fish. I was playing the fish with some side strain and it felt big in the faster water. Soon I had it in the net and it looked a PB.  The scales confirmed this and at 5lb 8oz a new PB was mine!!! Big smiles all round.

I had shortened the net handle to hold the fish in the water, and looked at the net as I cast back out. “I will do that in a minute” I told myself. Soon the rod was over again and I was in. 3 fish in next to no time!

As I played it towards me, I started to extend the net handle with one hand while holding the rod in the other. Stupidly, I let the line go  slack and with barbless hooks, the fish got off. “Why did I not sort that net before?” I asked myself, or words to that effect!!
As the sun started to go down, I was rewarded with more great views, but unfortunately no more fish.

On a day that I could quite easily have stayed at home and not bothered, I have a new PB. All thanks to the advice I was given.
I have a rule when I ask for advice – If someone is kind enough to give you some; take it, use it, give feedback and importantly give Thanks.

Sunday 13 October 2019

Short but not so sweet

Date fished 12/10/2019
8am until 17.30

Ellis and I were aboard Big Elbow hoping to catch Perch and Pike. We caught none.
The End.

Bit of a shame really, as if we caught some then the blog would have told you:

1. How the river was so flat calm, we saw loads of fish topping.
2. That we had lures, drop shot and bait ( live and dead) rigs.
3. How Ellis had Lamprey that had not been in a freezer for "a while" and smelt so rancid, it made him retch!!
4. That we had mastered mooring up to areas to fish, Ellis drives the boat straight in and I grab on for dear life.
5. The character of the area we fished, moving currents, flow, wind it all added to the fun.
6. The water was maybe too coloured for predators.
7.How Ellis battled with a tree that we had tied on to.
8. I may have mentioned when in a great swim we both cast into the lillies and got snagged, one after another!!
9. The Nosiest live bait bucket, that I can still hear now. Humming in the background scaring the fish maybe!?
10. How Ellis got snagged and lost tackle, but seeing the positive he declared " that's that rod broken down!" This happened twice!!
11. That we did find a great spot and caught lots of silver's aka "livebait" by float fishing maggots. Even deciding this was fun fishing!!
12. How our net, mat and sling stayed dry all day, except for netting an escaping pike float at the end of the day.

Yes, now I think if it, you all missed out as I would have told you about an interesting but tough session. I would probably have shared a few photos too. Like this:

Nevermind, there is always next time.