Saturday 5 February 2022

It only takes a second

Date fished 5/2/2022

9am until 1pm

Time for coarse fishing on rivers is ticking away, so I wanted to get a few more sessions in while I could. I have planned my time from now until March 14th and hope to get 6 river sessions in.

3.2 million seconds

A match on the Swale today meant it was a Tees day. Ellis was around and when we discussed, he told me about a club stretch I have never fished yet. That was enough for me, so we quickly decided on that. Float fishing gear with maggots, worms and bread for bait.

First sight of the river

The Samsung does not have a 'wind' filter but its blowy!

After some confusion about where we were going to meet, with me waiting at the tackle shop and Ellis waiting at the river, I consoled myself by buying a new net. We eventually met up and headed to the river, it looked perfect. The river lay at the bottom of a steep hill,  it was a little bit blustery but certainly fishable. Unfortunately this was soon to change. The wind picked up steadily through the morning, and apart from the rugby and some work to do, it was the main reason for the early pack up.

But before we packed up, there was some time for fishing. We walked a good few miles of the bank from high to low, always looking for those fishable swims. It was often on the far bank, as it always is!! But this seemed more ironic today as the opposite bank is also a club water I fish regularly and I always then think the far bank is best! (It being this bank!!, you follow?!)

Trying not to slip over on film! 

3 minutes? 

We tried to fish but the wind hampered alot of our efforts, on the final walk back I suggested trotting close in by some trees. Ellis thought this was just a quick stop and didn't expect much catching! Second cast though my float buried, I struck and was soon playing a fish as the line screeched in the wind. A lovely (approx) 2lb Chub, very welcome and great on the float with single maggot hook bait. 

It did only take a second whilst fishing in a swim for only about three minutes! I will carry on for the next 37 days and hope there are a few more seconds to tell you about. 

Cheeky collage