Monday 31 May 2021

Tom's Blank Holiday Monday

Date fished 31/5/2021

5am until 12pm 

After the last session saw me bag some Carp, I decided to have my first trip this season for Bream at my club water in Ryton. I was fishing on Tilcon. 

Alarm set for 4am, it was an early start. I met Tom at the lake at 5am. We tackled up in our usual likely spots and started fishing. It was quite chilly and foggy, the mist rose from the lake as I cast in. 

Within 5 minutes a jerk on the rod caused my coffee to go all over my lap! No fish though. It was constant knocks and line bites, maybe fish were brushing the line as they fed in the feeder or smaller fish nibbling at the pellet. Anyway, no fish for a few hours and I was getting chilly. After taking my rod out the water, I went for a walk and chatted with Tom. It was good to natter for a bit, and with renewed vigour it was back to my swim. 

We were both using hybrid feeders with micro pellets, and pellets or corn as hook bait. 

It was Tom who hooked a fish first, although by reading the blog title (approved by him), you know the outcome. Actually Tom had about 8 takes and didn't land any. Some were small fish, he actually saw a small Roach hooked but not landed, but he definitely lost a good take. For some reason the fish were not hooked. To be honest, it is alot down to luck, and today I had some. 

We fished on for a bit and soon the sun was up and warming us up. With no luck in my swim, I picked up all my gear and moved to a swim next to Tom. We could now chat together, that's two trips in a row that have been "social fishing", a big improvement on "social distancing"!! 

Suddenly my rod hooped over, fish on. I picked up the rod to a twang. My hooklink snapping instantly. Luck was definitely wavering.

I fished on and again the rod indicated a bite. I lifted into it and quickly saw the fish. A good sized Bream already on the surface. Unbeknown to me, my photographer getting an action shot!! 

It looked a really good fish, just hadn't quite filled out. I was so surprised it only went 4lb 3oz so weighed it twice!! 

I cast back out and we chatted on. 10 minutes later my rod motioned again. A smaller Bream this time of a couple of pounds but I was happy.

We fished on until the sun was directly over head. It was now confirmed as scorchio, so was time to pack up and vow to come back later in the week for an evening session. Hopefully, Wednesday does not get changed to We-both-ne-catch-day!!! 


Saturday 22 May 2021

I'm back for some "Social Fishing"

Date fished 22/5/2021

8am until 4pm

What seems like a long time, really has been a long time! I am glad to say, I have now been fishing again. Since my last trip on Jan 2nd, I have been mostly working and walking ( no typos!!), more on that later, but for now I am back behind the rods.

So, what's new?? Honestly. Not alot. As I got my kit ready last night for today's trip, I actually nearly forgot what I needed. We were keeping it simple today though. Instead of going to my local lake, I felt I needed a drive. So I hopped in the car and headed the 90 miles down to The Oaks at Sessay. I was meeting Ellis for a day Carp fishing. What could be better?!? 

We fished Poplars lake. A lake we had fished on our first visit here and we caught a net full! 

I arrived and found us a couple of swims, the same ones we fished before! Soon Ellis arrived and had he not said "can you see me?" I really may not have, clad in full camo gear, he looked spot on! 

We tackled up, me using a new 7ft stalking rod, Ellis the Acolyte. We both had hybrid feeders with short hook links, pellets for bait. 

The fishing was slow, but we were able to chat. It wasn't long before Ellis was changing positions in his swim, not so he could fish more but so he could chat without his back to me! This is what's fishing is about. Social fishing!! 

Ellis caught the first fish, an F1 we think. It had eyes, fins and a tail. Was defo a fish. 

I then caught some fishes too. 

Ellis found (Thanks Jason) a new mode to take pics on the IPhone. It seems using portrait really brings the angler and fish into the front and the background, well 'back! It definitely works and takes some great pics. 

We chatted alot and the fishing was not really 'full on', but it was what was needed. Ellis soon had the fish taking bread off the top and we were soon trying that. 

The surface frustration soon followed. It's a great method, but so addictive. Plus, the fish always know which piece of bread to take or not take! 

Ellis had decided to squeeze the bread harder and have a sinking "floating bread". This worked and soon he was noisily, on the centre pin, playing another fish to the net. 

We changed between the two methods, and I had a few quick fish on the feeder which warmed me up. As I contemplated the drive back, Ellis had the fish feeding off the top again. I jumped alongside and poached a couple of fish from his swim, including the fish of the day. 

It was soon time to pack up. We had caught double figures of fish between us and had a good chat. This type of fishing is not what we are used to and it does feel a bit weird sometimes compared to the river.

Talking of our next trip, we have both booked off the glorious 16th from work so will be back on the rivers soon, I just have to do a little walk before that.....

I have decided, with Dwix, to walk Hadrians wall from Segadunum in Wallsend to Bowness on Solway in Cumbria.  83.5 miles in 5 days. If I survive that, I will see you on my next fishing adventure. You know What?, I may blog a little of my walk on here too....