Saturday 28 October 2023

No Nonsense

Date fished 28/10/2023

8am until 4.30pm

100 miles to today's venue. Time to just sit in the car and think about life. Ellis and I decided to fish the Wharfe at Tadcaster today. 

The weather had the rivers up and down but looking online, asking the right questions on Facebook and watching Shane's video all helped us pick this venue!

We arranged to meet at 8.30 but as is my way, I am always early. I arrived just before 8am. Two minutes later Ellis pulled in to the car park. Perfect!!

Feeders in three, four and five ounces were packed, but I actually could of got away with using two ounces. The river was quite slow and looked perfect for a barbel or 12-15! I informed Ellis we would get a net full of five to seven pound fish. He calmed me down and said, let's just see..... 

We walked to the river, three ledger rods between us, plenty of bait of various flavours! The river was full of anglers, I think I counted about 20 at the end of the day, great to see a club full like that. I think it's down to geography, this venue is in the middle of town, so easily accessible, add to that only £5 on the bank and the chance of a good few barbel, I would certainly fish it a lot if I lived closer! 

It was foggy at first and the steep banks very slippery. I manged to clamber down and fish my single rod from a ledge. Ellis opted to cast from the top of the bank with his two and clamber down to land any fish. The baits were soon in the water and we waited patiently. 

A change from luncheon meat to my home made sausage and I got a definite knock. 

We are not sure if the Wharfe is tidal at this point, but soon where I was stood was getting wet. I retreated up the bank. I went to see Ellis, this was not a place we could chat together, we were sat 50 metres apart! 

Can you spot him? 

Whilst we chatted, he had two knocks. One I saw, one he did. Neither his bite alarm noticed! Hoping for more action, I went back to my swim. 

A change of baits and hooklink length made no difference. The barbel were not on the feed. We chatted to some local anglers and even asked Shane for his secrets. It was no good, nothing worked. We just had to keep casting and try harder. 

Some barbel were caught across the stretch by other anglers but sadly it ended in a blank for both of us. Next time, for sure. 

Before I go, I just wanted to share the best part of the day. It wasn't catching up with Ellis. It wasn't watching a large bird of prey circle really close above us. It wasn't the constant noise of the A64. It wasn't the "history" associated with Ellis's bait. 

Last time we fished, Ellis noticed my jealous gaze of his lunch. He got Carole, his wife, to make me, my own "all day breakfast butties" today. DELISH!! 

As John Smith would say - " Have it!!" 

Saturday 14 October 2023

Minn-ho ho ho

Date fished 14/10/2023

8.40am until 1.20pm

Myself and the kids decided to try our luck today on the river Swale. Rupe still wanted to catch his first chub and Martha was happy with anything she could call "Gary"! (No idea)

The rain had stopped and the river was high but certainly fishable. It was cold and clear as we jumped in the car with homemade flat sausage and cheese muffins. Rupe was up front on radio duty and picked Heart Christmas! At least the sunrise was nice.

A brisk walk to the river to warm up and we were soon fishing. Rupe was ledgering meat in a likely spot by some trees, whilst Martha and I watched on expectantly.

No bites came, but a big splash near a bush further down had us moving quickly there! No luck so we went to float fish for grayling. Martha and I ventured in the cold, clear water and trotted maggots in the morning sun.

It seemed that the Friday 13th bad luck had rolled over, we were having all of it! 

The cold wind picked up and made trotting difficult. There was only one thing for it, we stopped for biscuits and hot juice! 

Another swim and Martha trotted whilst I fed maggots. She reeled in and was surprised to see "Gary" on the end. 

Rupe wanted some minnow action and soon he had two to his name. They declared themselves off the blank! 

One last try at the tree swim, we had primed it earlier so was hoping a chub had come to investigate. Unfortunately Rupe's gentle cast found a snag so it was a quick re-tackle to fish again. A change to cheese paste still didn't tempt a take. Although camo Rupe was hard to spot now! 

We had a great day even without some proper "Gary's". And we sung about snow, spaceships and enquiring if people were aware what day it was... all the way home!