Sunday 19 February 2023


Date fished 19/2/2023
8.30 am until 2.30 pm

Today I fished peg 125 at Bowesfield on the Tees. Parking up, the carpark was full of cars. There was a match on, but plenty of spare pegs, so I found one and fished. Let's  see if I can write this blog with the numbers:

Rod, a ledger, with my usual set up and a feeder.
Fish caught, a small skimmer. 
Keepnet, glad I didn't bother to use it! 
Happy angler to be back on the bank.

Pound perch caught in the swim to my left. I saw the angler catch it as I was walking past, this was what made me fish in the swim nextdoor. 
Feeders lost in snags. 
Items of bait, dead maggots and groundbait. 
Wayward casts but all the others, clipped up and on the spot. 
Specialist items of clothing (snood not counted) needed although the coat was off most of the session. 

Red maggots on the hook. So often they were sucked dry and the rod didn't even move! I didn't drop down to using one as it would of buggered up the blog! 

Pound bream caught in the swim to my right. 
Degrees on the car thermometer  between arriving and leaving (4-9) although out of the sun it felt quite chilly. 
Hours fished (was 6 but poetic licence!). 
Million bites but I just could not connect. There were periods of no bites but long periods of constant taps. 
New friends made, there were anglers all around, so I chatted to a few on and off. 
Canoes going up and down, up and down. But they didn't spoil the view.