Friday 6 January 2017

Catching friends as well as fish?

As the New Year starts, I am starting to think about what my fishing will be in 2017, species, venues and making new friends.
I always tend to fish alone. None of my long standing friends are anglers and do not live near me. My dad was always my fishing partner but he lives a long way away now, so we try to meet a couple of times a year for a proper fishing trip. Last year was on the Wye and although we blanked, we suggested making it an annual trip.

I have a friend I have met in the last few years who I do fish with, but not regularly, we both have family commitments at times and cannot always go at the same time. He also part shares a boat so goes fishing with that partner and sadly there is no room for me. He may plan a trip at the last minute or for only an hour and sadly my geography does not mean I can be sat waiting in the passenger seat within 60 seconds.

The other people I have "met" through on line forums and social media have often suggested meeting up, but it is always hard to arrange or people want to keep swims secret!

I read many anglers blogs and have started my own, whilst doing this, I was always hoping this may lead to finding other local people to fish with.

I am a member of 3 clubs, and aside from the matches, there is no emphasis on meeting new people from the clubs. I know of clubs that have good licensed club houses open for drinks in the evening, but sadly I do not live near those to take it up maybe that is another aspect of angling culture to look at; the distance angler’s travel to fish.

I regularly drive 60 miles plus to my chosen venue as there is not the type of fishing I do where I live. It seems quite normal for people to travel to fishing venues, so the partner needs to be local to where you live or local to the venue or indeed willing to travel. It is the norm now that us anglers are happy to add the miles to the car to be able to fish.

I think the secrecy in pike fishing is valid and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however I want to find the social aspect of angling and be able to meet someone I have never met before, go for a day’s fishing together, maybe catch some fish and maybe then find a new friend for life, to fish with or until they never want to drive!!