Thursday 1 December 2016

Equipment list aka Tackle!

As my mum would tell you, as a boy, I would very often get all my fishing stuff out of the shed, garage or wherever it was being stored at the time and carry it all into the house, lay it out on the floor and "sort it". The anglers amongst you will understand but for the rest, sorting basically entailed going through all my tackle; throwing out old casters you find in the corners of boxes or aprons, chucking out that small plastic bag or box that you have kept for several years " just incase a small item fits in it" and generally being proud of all the tackle you own! I often hear people say the tackle in tackle shops are just about catching anglers as they are about catching fish!

Unfortunately I still do this now!!

It was during a sort out that I realised I did not actually know all the rods and reels I have gathered over the years and an inventory would be useful. If for no other reason than a) it would be fun and I was not on the bank and b) there is always that rod, that would be perfect for the situation that you find yourself in when you did not know you had it, so it was left at home. I usually am sure what my fishing trips will be for, so I only take what I think I will use. I would hate to have stick float set up with maggots on the river while a big pike was swimming around my silvers, leaving me no chance of trying for her.  Most of my fishing is for pike now but strangely enough I still have tools for the stick float, maybe one day I will find the will to try it, watch this space.......

Korum 12ft 2lb tc Barbel rod
CK Armaplate 12ft 2.75lb tc Carp rod
Mitchell 12ft 2.5lb tc Carp rod
Leeda Blue Diamond 13ft 1.25 lb tc Specimen float rod
Daiwa 12ft 1.25lb tc Specialist Avon
Chevron 10ft float rod
Keenly 12ft ledger rod
13ft super lights float rod
Drennan Graduate pole
NGT 9ft travel rod cw 20-50g
March series 7ft Lure rod cw 5-21g

Mitchell excellence 60 special
Shimano 6010 Baitrunner
Abu Garcia 1044 closed face
DAM Camaro LSB 235
Shimano Exage 2500FD
HTO Ventura Baitcaster
Comoran BX LN 30

The carp rods are what I use for my deadbait pike fishing, the other rods more suited to chub, barbel on rivers and occasional closed season forays to carp waters. My first fishing trips were on heavily stocked, easy carp waters where I used the Keenly rod. My old faithful rod, more about those trips later.
The newest edition, the korum is still a virgin as it was used on the Wye. I will maybe venture on the river soon and see if it can tame a Swale chub.
The Baitcaster is pure too, have only cast a few times with it, but thinking of using it this weekend with the travel rod on a lake I have been targeting for pike.

I don't claim to have fancy or up to date tackle but I care for it and love using it as often as I can.