Saturday 3 March 2018

No fishing so let's play with the tackle

As I look at the weather outside and ponder that indoor fishing greenhouse and pond located at Cast North West , I wonder what I can do.
Of course my mind turns to my tackle. I have ordered a replacement net and whilst looking at other bits of tackle, it got me thinking about making tackle. I see lots of FB, youtube and the like posts about people making floats, rods, lures and weights. It means you can be enjoying your hobby whilst not actually doing your hobby. A bit like me sat indoors writing about fishing, and that makes me happy!!

I assume you just need the moulds and then you cast the soft plastic lures, or the craftmanship to cut and shape hard plastic? I have seen videos of people shaping and sanding wooden lures and drilling holes to put weights in plastic lures called Burts. Is that really all you need to Do?
Recently I was given some home made weights, they are superb, again I think you just need moulds, coatings and bits? Am not much of a diy guy.

But the satisfaction of catching a fish on something you made yourself, the actual tackle not just the rig, must be obvious to all.

I have visited the health food shop too, and bought "stuff" for making pastes, baits and boilies maybe for the warmer climate. Again, the satisfaction of catching on a homemade creation, albeit copied from a book or magazine is definitely appealing.

Rods seem a lot more in depth, I tried to look at how you do that but that definitely was over my head. So as I try and decide what I can make, I asked my fishing companions Dave and Ellis.
Ellis had already showed me a super rod holder cabinet that he made, a lot better at diy than I will ever be. Ellis then told me about some spool bands he makes, I was intrigued. They go on the spool to hold the line from spooling off and make taking line off easy. It actually worked. I slipped a few in my pocket and made off.

If you want to read more about these clever spool bands or buy some, I have added the link  Here

It seems I am not designed to make my own tackle, but I have certainly enjoyed watching others that do, maybe I am the marketing guy to their creative ability!?!