Sunday 3 June 2018

Blogging, back to basics

I have not been fishing in a while, but that does not stop the little grey cells thinking about all things fishing.

I was thinking about how I used to record my trips. Long before this blog, as a child I was never very organised, and no mobiles so it was old school cameras if any.
Needless to say, I do not have many photos of times at Greenfields, Boulters lock or the Upper Benyons!

When I moved North, started a family and had a camera in my pocket 24 hours a day, things changed. My son was always keen to "know how I got on" after a trip, so I started to keep pics of the scenery or fish caught on my phone for him.

After many pairs of socks and smellies given at birthdays and the like, soon I was un wrapping a photo album given from both my kids.

I was hooked! I would take pics, get them printed at Tesco and stick them in with comments that would make me smile as I wrote them. The kids were then able to look through it later and we had a record. I was as happy writing my "blog" as catching the fish, especially as back then I did not record the blanks!!

Now they are 8 and 6, so although they are happy to still know what daddy is up to, they are more likely to be logged on to my Ipad and reading this...... now get to bed you two, it's past your bed time!!!

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