Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Blanking with "Brian" on a stillwater

Date fished 21/10/17

Due to Storm Brian and huge weather conditions I decided to fish a Stillwater for Pike. It is a very weedy and deep 5-6 acre water. I have never caught from there but know there is Pike in it. It was more to get out and have a go.

I did not manage to catch anything that day, however I did go to the River after so I could put a visual mark to what the river level websites were saying. I live some distance from where I fish so need to know the trip is not to be wasted. However, I find looking at the river level website is still hard to actually know what it means.

Of course I can understand if it is above the normal level, in flood etc. but I needed to see what 0.897 m and falling actually meant.

Well, I can tell you, the Tees was huge and bombing through!
Think I will leave the river level stuff to the EA.

"7 swans a distracting the pike angler"

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