Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Quest continues

Date fished 18/02/2018

Dave and I hit the Tees to see if we could tempt a Pike. The river had been unfishable for a while with heavy rain, cold weather, flooding and a lot of sediment. Today looked better. It was a day of walking and casting. Dave using his large lures on heavy tackle, me with deadbaits and small soft plastics on a light rod for a change.

We started off at a new area for me, in a classic looking pike swim. As the fog cleared, the river looked perfect. The peacefulness only interruted by the splash of the large burts or other type of lure Dave flung on his 80lb braid.

As I watched my float, I saw a large head break the surface right next to it, it's snake like neck and body coming completely out the water as a Cormorant looked as surprised to see us as we were to see it!! It must have been after my bait, but the float did not move, so assume it did not get it. Assuming the Cormorant must also be here where bait fish are, we fished on.  We continued in a few more swims, only seeing a Heron. Again assuming this to be a good area for bait fish and therefore Pike, we fished on.

A quick change of location saw us walking a good few miles. We spotted so many good swims for both Pike and Chub.

So it just leaves me to tell you how we got on, as is normally the case when I have something to show, this is best done in picture format, so I will leave you with this...


  1. Shame we blanked mate, but a day blanking beats a day working!

    1. Too right Dave. Will break my Tees Pike duck next time!!