Thursday, 5 July 2018

When is a blank not a blank??

Date fished 4/7/2018

1700 till 2100

Big elbow was the platform, the location was the Tees. Ellis and I went for a short evening session for perch and pike.

The river looked very different from 2 days ago, flat calm and with little fish topping. It actually looked ideal for fishing, seems under the water something different was happening!

A quick motor to “Disco Corner” christened this by Ellis for its corner design and its locals that can be heard busting out tunes on their ghetto blasters quite often!

The pole was out, maggots were thrown in and the float was sat in the water. There the float remained, just sat, not moving, nothing.

More maggots were thrown in, and more and more. The bait fish we were trying to catch had gone. Eventually we started to get bites, and soon we had each got off the mark with a 4oz (being generous to Ellis) Roach each!

One was used for live baiting for pike, the other was maybe a bit small! Third cast and the roach flew further than the hooks. We were now without bait!

It was time for a move. We found likely looking bays along the river bank, over hanging trees and classic looking pike swims. We slowly drifted on the flat calm water, each taking a side of the boat to thrash the water with every lure in our armoury! Although it looked perfect in every way, no pike wanted to join us.

It was another example of a great evening fishing, perfect conditions for learning new things about the river, getting a better understanding of how it works and changes with the days. The excitement came when we were nearly torpedoed by a merry band of 4 rowers who were on a direct course to put a huge hole in the side of the boat!

Soon it was time to head home, we both commented on how it looked so perfect for pike tonight, but they were just not there. We left in the knowledge that catching bait fish albeit tenuous is enough to put a smile on our faces and avoid the blank!!


  1. Really enjoyed the evening session Adam, I think a few of them would give up some of the lower Tees secrets when it comes to pike hot spots.

    1. Me too Ellis, it looked so good. We really did cover alot of water!