Saturday, 23 November 2019

Du Pain, Du Vin, Du Boursin

Date fished 23/11/2019
07.50 until 14.15

Don't worry, I have not suddenly been sponsored!
Remembering back to French oral exams, the very answer to give when asked " what do you like to eat?"  Was this blogs title.

Fishing alone again today, I decided to head to the Tees. I had not tried some club stretches in a while.  Without being able to get maggots I decided to target chub.

I popped to Tesco to buy some blue cheese to make cheese paste, and I saw the Boursin at half price. I grabbed a few, surely they will work I thought.
I quickly made up a batch, got my kit ready. With rain expected most of the day,  I was travelling light. One rod, a short travel rod, seat bucket with a few bits in and a net. I was ready.

Waking early, Mr Fish, or his modern counterpart was right! It was pouring with rain. I was committed, so into the car I got and headed for the Tees.
Arriving just as the day broke, the river looked a good level but maybe a bit clear. As I looked closer, I could see all the leaves. This had got Ellis and I before. Imagine trying to eat with a leaf slapping you in the face every 10 seconds. Am sure you wouldn't enjoy it!!

I found a nice swim and set up, stealing a trick from Aidan, I had a small brolly with me. Perfect for just holding and sitting under and small enough to slip in the bag if and when the rain stopped!

I cast out and waited. A few taps on the rod, and it was looking ok. As I brought the rig in though, there was lots of leaves down the line. This was not looking ok!!

I cast down an inside line, but still it didn't help. I was going to move.

I found a swim with a bit of a barrage made by a fallen tree. I fished behind this.
Casting to the edge, but up stream the line was slack, so I watched the line enter the water.
Sat waiting under my Brolly  I saw the line tighten, I struck straight away and I was in.
A quick fight and a lovely chub lay in the net. A quick pic and hold, the body was freezing. It actually felt colder than the surrounding water.
An immaculate fish and at 4lb 2oz, another target achieved. I had caught a 4lb 8oz on lamprey years ago, my first big chub and my first Tees fish. But this year, I wanted another big  Tees chub, and was so happy with this fish!

Wondering if there were more fish down there, I sat back for a warming cup of coffee . I left it 10 mins and cast back out.
Nothing this time, so I moved on.

There were lots of swims, that looked perfect but I was not able to fish them. The banks were so wet and slippy, the majority of them just mud or river washed foliage. I was not prepared to slip and fall, so I left them alone.

Finding lots of other swims, I dropped in a few and tried.  Sadly no other fish.
I stopped in a swim for lunch, all looked safe. As soon as I stood up, my feet slipped away. I ended up on my bum, a few feet from the edge.
It wasn't so scary that I pooped myself, but my coat showed otherwise!

I walked back and fished in the swim I had caught from. The rain stopped and it was a nice afternoon. Unfortunately no more fish joined me.

I decided to pack up, as I had been wet, got dry and thought more rain was due.  As I set off home, I was glad I braved the wet and horrible conditions. Afterall, Il faut casser le noyau pour avoir l'amande. —> No pain no gain. 


  1. Bien joué. Nice chub on a miserable day weather wise. The river banks seem to be getting more and more treacherous, I've landed on my arse a couple of times now.

    1. As a mate said, no fish is worth falling in the river alone in late November for!! I played it safe and was a great chub as a reward!