Saturday, 23 December 2017

Chumbley 1 = Grayling 4

Date fished 22/12/2017

After loosing the Tees Shark last time out, I opted for a go for the Grayling again. I was accompanied by Ellis again, who after seeing the closed face reel and trotting I did last time had bought himself some new kit. He had a 14ft rod and a closed face reel, armed with maggots and chubber floats, we decided to try again.

The river was about a foot lower than last time and after a foggy drive I arrived at the spot.
I had Dead maggots, frozen from last time, first time I had used dead maggots,  but they looked OK, seemed to have kept their shape. I will definitely use them again, I always like to have some bait in the freezer.

I was happy to wade alone as I knew the water was shallow from the previous trip, it was however crystal clear and with the Polaroids on, the bottom was like in HD.

Trotting, bite, strike, in. Out.
I continued to feed a few maggots after every couple of runs.
Trotting, bite, in. Out!!! Again. Twice now in 10 mins.

I was happy that I was at least getting bites, striking and hooking them, but a little frustrated that the hooks were coming out. I was using barbless hooks, I wonder if that is affecting it? I know Grayling are very powerful and when hooked seem to be able to go in every direction all at the same time!

Ellis arrived and was eager to christen his new kit, I let him in the swim I was in, while I had a warm drink.
Trotting, bite, in. Landed.
Ellis had a nice Grayling in the net.

We continued Down stream, trying likely swims. Ellis caught a superb brown trout of nearly 3lb, which on light gear had us both "owend" as we took a good 10 mins to land it. It was definitely worth it, it was a cracking fish.
Whilst Ellis recovered and dried his cap, I moved into the swim. Second run through trotting, bite, in. Out!!

It was starting to feel like it was not going to be my day.  We continued downstream. The sun burnt through the fog and it suddenly felt like it was an autumnal day, it was glorious.

We had made it to a spot where we had caught last time. Trotting, bite,in. Landed! Finally I had caught a lovely looking Grayling that had obviously read Anglers Mail a few weeks ago, where Steve Collett had described holding them as trying to post a feral cat through a letter box! I did manage to get a picture though, just...

After a minnow each, we headed back upstream. We fished a few other swims and noted some for next time.

With it being panto time, I won't need to go through the chorus a fourth time, but yes it happened. One landed from 5 hook ups, but I drove home happy!

That's how I know I had a great day, by the smiles, not always by the catches, "just as well really", I hear you Say!

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