Thursday, 28 December 2017

I "cinq" on the canal

Date fished 28/12/2017

5 of us converged onto the Aire and Calder canal for a bit of Perch and Pike fishing. Giles and Rich were Perch fishing with light plastic lures, Dave was Pike fising with Burts, Ellis was doing a mixture of both plus drop shotting and I was dead baiting for Pike.

The weather was cold, but all suitably dressed we got to the canal, initially at either end of the section. We worked out our way towards the middle. Giles and Rich working their lures slowly along the bottom were first to catch Perch.

As I walked towards Dave and Ellis I could see the net being used. A lovely looking Pike at 7lb 10oz, it had a good belly on it! Had taken to the Lure.

We all continued our methods, a few follows of the lures and a few more Perch was the reward on this cold day.  Not a sniff on the deadbaits, but I heard laughs, chat and it was a great day to be out!

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