Monday, 1 January 2018

New Year, New Venue, No new catches

Date fished 1/1/2018

Ellis and I went to fish the River Swale at Cundall Lodge Farm.
I was going to be using the Finygo app again and hopefully catch something so I could record it.

We decided on two rods each, one using dead baits for Pike. We had Smelt, Sardine, Herring and Mackerel.

The other ledgering for Chub using various meats.
I had curried luncheon meat in big chunks, Ellis had Garlic meat in cylindrical pieces, steak and mince. It was turning into "The Great British Meat Off"!!

We had navigated the paying ritual and started down the track to the River. It involved driving through fields, through gates and off road!  In the  summer months you can park behind most swims, in the winter we were advised not to drive beyond field two. We parked up two thirds of the way down field one!! It was so boggy and muddy we did not want to be stuck come 1600.

It was only a short walk to the Ox bow lake, an area of water that was once the river. It was now cut off from the river, waiting for a flood when it would be re connected. Who knew what fish had remained in the lake after the last flood, waiting to get back into the river?

We fished several swims in here, but no fish. There was another angler here, who also joined us with the blank!

We then hit the main river, two metres up according to the river levels gauge.
Several swims were fished, using all baits. The river was high, fast and carried the odd tree down stream.

Checking the Finygo App, it perfectly mapped the route we took, which is great for keeping a record of today's trip, but also swims for the future.Although we did not catch anything today, we have the plan of attack for next time.

With the banks and track treacherous we walked back to the cars. No slipping over and neither car was stuck, all and all a great trip, with no soggy bottoms!!

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  1. Great attention to detail Adam. I have a memory like a sieve.