Sunday, 14 January 2018

Fishing with Finygo

Date fished 14/01/2018

Today I was invited to fish a new river to me for Grayling. Chris, CEO of Finygo, the fishing app I use, invited me to fish with him and Harry, also of Finygo,on the River Ribble.

Heading to North Yorksire but down the M6, I was excited to be fishing a new water and chatting with more friendly fishing folk.

We met close to the River and tackled up. I was trotting worm and they were both fly fishing.
Later I found out nymphing with French leader was the method!!

I had a similar set up to the Grayling fishing on the Tees, however I had a small swivel, size 20 between the main line and the hook link. This was to avoid tangles and spinning when retrieving the bait. It worked well and also acted as a small weight down the line. This coupled with a bigger worm meant the bait got quite quickly to the bottom.

The river was a lot more intimate than the Tees and Swale, in places it was a stream. The water was gin clear and low.  There were many deeper pools but the majority you could still see the bottom it was that clear, which meant the fish could see us. A point demonstrated by Chris fishing from a crouching postion, not quite commando crawling to the waters edge!

The float looked perfect as it went down the glides, unfortunately it never did anything else. We walked the beat, trying many swims. Chris and Harry commenting expertly on areas that hold fish, plotting them on their apps and being contiually surprised by the changes of the River. They explained large areas that had been reshaped by the flow, ever changing the dynamics.

This got me thinking, I needed to "get to know" some stretches of my rivers.

We fished until we could no longer see the float, and then went to the pub for a pint and a chat.

It was great to meet new people and learn new methods. The app continues to aid with analysis of catches and if I can use it to record picture changes to my rivers and meet new people doing it, then we have one very happy user.

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