Sunday, 28 June 2020

Day 7/7 - Calamitous end

Date fished 28/6/2020
5am until 7am

The final day of my holiday saw me go back to Ryton to fish Tilcon. Arriving a little before 5am, the light rain and cold wind didn't deter me. I cast pellet on my left hand rod into the open water and three hair rigged worms on my right rod into the gap in front of the lillies. As the rain got heavier and the cold wind stronger, it was hard to remember how warm it was only a few days ago.

Suddenly my left rod was away, a fish taking line and swimming off down the lake. I put the brakes on and turned the fish round. It was slowly coming towards me then disaster. The hook pulled. Am having a few issues with these particular hooks straightening with fish. It's normally if they are in the weed too. The hooks seem to bend out. In any way at least it's not still in the fish. Gutted at loosing that fish I carried on.
Next my right hand rod was away, the fish splashing on the surface at the lillies. Unfortunately the same result. Two slightly bent out of shape hooks and two predicted carp lost!

Soon a fellow member arrived and informed me that I should not be fishing. There was a match on today and no fishing was allowed. In my planning haste, I had failed to check the match dates. I was mortified and extremely apologetic and packed up straight away. I saw a committee member at the gate and again apologised for my error.
A fitting if not damp squib ending to my 7 day fishathon.

It's been a great week. Busy but great. 750 miles driven, 34.5 hours spent fishing and too many words blogging to count!
I have caught some fish, lost some fish and gained knowledge on how to fish better in future. Most of all though, I have had fun. In these difficult situations, I have got out and about and tried to succeed. I hope you have enjoyed reading the blogs, and I will type to you all soon!


  1. Great week of fishing, really enjoyed reading the blog all week.

  2. Thanks Brian. Time to clean up and have a sit down now!

  3. Pity about the hooks, but everybody manages to produce a bad batch occasiony.

    1. Have caught plenty on them too. Like I said, in weed I don't mind if the fish doesn't get tethered or the hook doesn't get left in.