Sunday, 15 November 2020

Pros and Cons

Date fished 15/11/2020

7am until 1pm

There is a little bit of deja vu with this blog, but after yesterday's blank I wanted to get back on the horse straight away! 

I fancied a day on the Swale at Morton chasing the Chevins aka Chub! I had cheese paste and meat and I was hoping the Chub were hungrier than yesterday's Pike were. 

I won't bore you with the details but sadly another blank. Two days in a row. I will give you the highlights.... lowlights? You can decide which are which. 

1. I arrived early and set up by the bridge just as the sun was breaking through. Is a really nice time to be fishing.

2. I walked alot, so got some exercise. I fished loads of swims but had zero patience. If a bite didn't happen in 5 to 10 minutes, I was away! Usually Chub are on cheese paste quickly so it may have worked but I lacked focus today. I stayed in a few swims for longer periods but couldn't tempt the fish.

3. I climbed over a barbed wire fence and ripped my coat. 

4. I met two Kevins. (Not Chevins) both club members who were extremely knowledgeable and we chatted about lots of different pegs. 

5. The banks were fairly slippery and twice I did some skating. 

6. I fished a new area where the river forms a loop. I thought I had a bite, but on reflection it was not. As I fished a small section of bank slipped in. Some Areas I fished so close to snags I think I was more likely to catch a Beaver than a Chub! 

7. The torrential rain came just as the gusty wind was at its strongest. I had no pertractor to measure the angle but let's just say horizontal!

8. I fished areas I had caught in before and made a note of levels in relation to snags and flow. Am seeing alot of the river in all conditions. 

9. Kevin and his son had caught, I was glad the fish were feeding, maybe I need to tweak my bait flavour a little!? 

So that was my day. Of course the pros outweighed the cons (6-3) but also I was fishing. A day fishing is better than any day not fishing! (I think) 

Cons - 3, 5, 7. 


  1. Not the sort of consistency you're looking for, made worse by other people catching. As you said, though, you're seeing the river in it's various states. Eventually (when you're old and grey :) you'll be able to land straight on the fish.

    1. Thanks. That is promising. I do enjoy walking it and seeing what it's like. I can't wait for those days to Come!

  2. Yes, fishing is better than not fishing.