Sunday, 18 October 2020

Real time Fishing

Date fished 18/10/2020

7am until 1.36pm

With "good" weather and favourable conditions, I thought it made sense to get fishing again. The rivers may be unfishable come the winter so I should make use of the mild October. This time I headed to the Tees. I was armed with meat, worms, pellets and some spinners and hoping for some Perch and if I was really lucky a Chub.

It's 7.38 and am sat on the bank. I have 2 issues. 

1. The river is high and I can't fish with spinners in my Perch and Chub banker swim.

2. I left the worms in the car.

I tried to fish below the weir but could not even wade out to my usual spot. I had a few casts but really they were just token gestures. Am now sat in the swim I caught a 4lb Chub in November 2019. Here's hoping. 

8.03 Come on! Lets walk back and get the worms! 

8.16 With worms now on the hook, I am feeling optimistic. 

8.28 The birds are up and about now and I am watching a woodpecker just above me, looking for breakfast. I hope the fish are doing the same! 

8.48 You know the feeling when you find a swim and you wished you had brought maggots and float fishing gear??

9.10 With lots of noise and anglers on  the far bank, I think I better check there is no match today! Not here, but a few other places. Phew! 

9.14 What fish could resist this? 

9.29 I have double and triple checked, am not in the match venue! I did check last night, but scared me when all these match anglers rocked up.

9.39 First knock of a bite. Something was liking the worm. 

10.00 The match men have started to bait up. 

10.30 I watched a guy catch about six fish in six casts on the float. I had a few knocks but no real bites. I have walked further upstream and hopefully will catch something myself. 

10.39 A proper bite missed because I was watching a match angler!! 

10.49 Constant knocks as fish attack my worm. Just couldn't connect. I am still in 4lb Chub "swallow the lot" mode. I suspect these are micro perch or minnows tugging at the worm. My size 12 hook is too big, hopefully them buzzing around the bait attracts something more sizeable.

11.17 As I eat my sandwich, the constant knocks stopped. In my head it's because a 2lb Perch has swum about and scared the little ones away. 

11.34 I left this swim biteless but no longer hungry. I continued my adventure upstream. I thought I had walked this far in the past, but I think this is new territory for me! 

12.00 And I am crouched under a tree, very Mr Crabtree. Ledgered meat by a fallen tree. No Chub yet but they must be hungry. It's lunchtime!!

12.23 I think a match angler just told me I couldn't fish opposite him or anywhere on this side. I did not think that was a rule?? Also I couldn't be sure he was talking to me. I moved on and have found a swim further upstream. 

12.40 Not quite sure if I got to the end of the beat, but I thought for today that is far enough. I will turn around and head back downstream. I will fish a few more spots, but as it's a school night I may call it a day and have an early bath! 

12.54 No trolls, so it was safe to cross the bridge. I slipped on here a few years ago and bashed my arm. I always walk over it now whilst doing a crab impression! 

13.01 Last roll of the dice now. One last swim for 20 minutes and then I will call it a day. 

13.36 That's me back in the car, ready for home. I have enjoyed blogging in real time today, but it's probably a reflection on the fishing that I was able to sit and type all of this. Oh well, there is always next time! 


  1. If you'd taken the float and maggot gear they'd have been the wrong colour maggots ;) Still it looked a nice day to be out by the river.