Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Living the Bream

Date fished 26/5/2020
6am until 1pm

Now, it may be a bit premature to start with the Bream pun title but let's give it a go.

After yesterday's indifferent performance, today was going to a peaceful day on  Tilcon (Ryton) to target the Bream.

The alarm went off at 5am, "Don't Bream, it's over" playing on the radio. I was mostly packed, so a quick wash and breakfast and I was away.  Arriving at the lake early, (5.45am) I fancied fishing in a swim right by the car park.

Setting both rods up with Hybrid feeders is very quick. Within 10 mins I was fishing with both rods and having a sit down. The lake was alive, fish topping, crashing about. I was certain of a fish or two. Line knocks showing me fish were moving about.

Suddenly at 6.35am my right hand rod hopped over and the lillies crashed apart. This was no Bream. I was on the rod straight away and got the fish back in the open. A spirited fight played out and soon it lay in the net. A lovely Tench for first thing in the morning. At 3lb 9oz, no monster but a good example from this lake, so I was pleased. A few pictures and off it swam.

I had reeled in my other rod while the Tench was in the net, so I could do pics etc with no distraction. I cast this rod straight back out.
I turned to 're bait the Tench rod and I heard the bait runner going and my rod going towards the lake! I was on it straight away, this was a much bigger, powerful fish, defo not a Bream! As I picked up the rod, the fish was just in the lillies and at a right angle.  Ping!,  the hook came out, a bit straighter than when I cast it in!!

Changing the hooklink, I quickly cast both rods back in and sat down. It had been a crazy 10 minutes! I was hopeful for another quick chance, but sadly the fish were not so obliging.

At 8.30am my left hand rod gave the tell tale wobble. I picked it up and it felt a decent fish. It was not fighting like a Bream, but glady it was! I had come to target Bream and finally I had one. It looked bigger than my last two,
"A new pb?" I thought.

This looked like a proper bream, deep, bronze,  thick and rough to touch. It was in full spawning mode and covered in tubercles.
This was the type of Bream I had wanted to catch.  A calm procedure followed. Other rod brought in, fish resting in the net. Unhooking mat wet and laid out. Sling wet and rung out. Scales set to zero. I was starting to enjoy this fishing lark, not bad for 30 years!!

At 4lb 2oz, it was another pb!! I was really chuffed. It had worked. Not sure what "it" was, but if I find out, I will tell you.

As I fished on, Carp crashed around in lillies far to my right and the heron flew twice overhead. It was a perfect morning to be out. Another bite on the left hand rod, and a small gonk came to say hello. Hooked fairly in the mouth on a hair rigged 8mm pellet! It has been a while since I caught a Gudgeon, and this one was very welcome.

A few knocks happening throughout the rest of the session, but it seems I made best use of the early start. As I packed up to drive home, the grin said it all. I certainly was like " The cat that's got the Bream."


  1. Well done on a new PB.

    How long have you been gathering bream puns for.

    1. Thanks. Long enough!! Many an hour sat on the bank with nothing to do.

  2. Congratulations on the PB! Not a bad looking gudgeon that either.

    1. I thought that too Brian, I wish I had the kitchen scales!!