Tuesday 31 December 2019

2019 review, plus new targets

As the year ends, it's time to review 2019. So, how did I get on?

Looking at the above,
tickish (4lb 2oz),
not even close,
BIG tick,
only used it for about 5 casts so no!

I have also had a 10oz Roach, 3lb 8oz Bream, 5lb 4oz Tench and a 5lb 8oz Chub.

It's really been a great fishing year. I have fished the Thames, Wharfe, Swale and Tees with several stillwaters too.
Ellis and I have seen more of the Tees than before and really got to grips with the Swale, well on our preferred banker peg anyway! Seeing it in all conditions has helped us grasp it at different times or not!

Of course there have been blanks, my last 2 trips of 2019 were blanks.
A big perch from the Tees has eluded me, although I have witnessed Ellis bag a few, I sadly have not.

I have learnt alot this year, my trotting and feeding on the river has improved. I still need to pick a good swim on the right day (watercraft), so hopefully I can keep trying with that.

I have caught on float, feeder and lure. I will carry on with my baitcaster and would love to catch with that, plus a proper fish on the closed faced reel.

I have met new people, made friends, fished with the family and continued to blog. It can only get better from here.

That brings me on to 2020, what shall I target this year?

1lb 8oz plus Perch will remain, same with the baitcaster reel catch.
I am adding a Tees Bream of any size caught on the feeder by having a proper match style approach.
I may also have to travel a bit, as I would like a 6lb plus Bream. For this I may need to head a little further south.
I am still thinking of joining a Tyne club either this year or next, so if I do I will be hoping to catch some local river fish!

Tight lines for 2020 all.


  1. Great fishing, and great blogging! Look forward to reading more in 2020 - Happy New Year and tight lines

    1. Thanks Brian. Hopefully more of the same for 2020. Happy New Year to you!