Wednesday 22 December 2021

Chubless Chumbley (senior)

Date fished 22/12/2021
8am until 1.40pm

My parents (Joyce and Dave) had been up North since 20th December. Apparently we are having some meal thing and presents at the weekend with my sister (Kay) and her family ( Dave, Sam and Eddie) too. Covid had not impacted us and 9 of us will be having a fun time together! 

Today was a day for my mum to make sausage rolls and mince pies so Davey and I decided to go fishing. He has never caught a Chub and I had vowed to help him achieve this. 

We arrived at Scruton at 8am, it was just getting light as we walked to the river. We had one rod between us and was going to take it in turns for any fish. We had ledger gear with meat and cheese paste as bait, we only used the cheese paste though! 
As I tackled up the rod, I gave it a quick flick to get the line out and only got it stuck in a tree!! This was a great start. 
Davey helped and we were soon untangled. I put him in a swim by a fallen tree and soon we were fishing.

It looked good for a fish, but sadly not today.  We tried about 6 swims, ones I had caught in before and ones I hadn't but today the fish were not feeding. We worked our way down stream to the spot I last caught a Chub, the rod remained motionless so we did an about turn and headed back upstream. 
Lunch was eaten at 11am, it definitely gave us some extra warmth for fishing longer. In certain swims the wind was bitter and in those we only stopped a few minutes. 
We had a small indication on the tip  that I declared was 100% a bite, but now as I sit here warm and with a beer, I think it was not!

We met the Club Treasurer and he gave me my ticket for next year. I have vowed (again) to take Davey and catch him a Chub. Although it's not entirely down to me, the fish have to "play ball" too. 
It's not always easy if the fish are not feeding, river conditions are not "right" ( for the fish I mean) or they are staying out the way under a big bush. I wish it was as easy to catch a fish as it would be to catch me, I have had a sausage roll already but don't tell my sister!! 


  1. Never mind, one can but try. You may have done better with the meat out of the sausage roll.

    1. Haha, they are definitely not for sharing! Not even with the family let alone the Chub.

  2. Wishing you and the family a very joyous festive period. The Chub can wait a while, Davey will have his time? Tight lines - Dylan

    1. Thanks Dylan. Same to you and yours. There is always next time, and maybe its better to catch a Chub when it's not minus degrees and the fingers can feel