Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Define 'blank'

Date fished 8/9/21

15:30 until dark - 8pm ish

With the nights now drawing in, I thought it was nearly the last opportunity for an evening after work session. I decided to head to Tilcon to target those Bream, well the 8lb plus Bream I had heard about, specifically! I had bait designed only for 8lb Bream and was keen to try it out (of course this is a lie).

Armed with some 12mm Robin Red pellets, some left over pva bags already tied, ledger weights and one rod, I headed to the lake. 

I have to say, that out of all of the "inventions" for fishing, the pva mesh bag has got to be right up there! I wish I used them more, I never really remember to bring or make them, last used here. But to have a small pile of bait right next to the hook, this is a great method. I was ready to fish in a few minutes, time was not on my side tonight, I was surprised when I checked sunset times now we are in September.

I walked round to the usual swim, cast out and waited. There was one other angler, I chatted with him. He had been fishing since 6am and had a good mixed bag. 
I wound in and noticed something on my hook. No rod indication but a (fairly) hooked in the mouth fish. My rod, line hook and bait had caught me a fish. So had I blanked?? 

I saw Carp and Bream topping, plenty of activity but no more fish. As I watched some members clearing some weed from pegs on the far bank I had a few knocks on the rod. Nothing materialised and as it got cooler and towards dark, I decided to head home. 

In truth it was a lovely evening to be sat by the lake. The rod in my hand (and fish) was just a bonus. Of course I didn't blank!! 



  1. Nothing wrong with a gonk or two. Especially as you appear to have some sort of bream/carp repellent :)

    1. Haha. Agreed, Gudgeon are great little fish.

  2. How ironic considering the gudgeon post yesterday. Definitely not a blank

    1. Yeah I thought that. I have never caught one from the Tees though (I don't think)

  3. I'm travelling 120 miles in a couple of weeks time, just to fish for gudgeon. Mad, I know.

    Be careful about using pva mesh balls that are 'old'. Pellets leak oil and the breakdown time can become days not seconds ;o) But, you may have already baited up for your next trip.

    1. Gudgeon are amazing fish. Let's us know how you get on.
      Didn't know that re pva. Good to know, thanks!