Saturday, 25 September 2021

Tired out

Date fished 25/9/2021
7.30am until 12.30pm

The three (male, says Martha) Chumbleys headed South to the Swale for a day targeting Chub. I had warned the younger and older Chumbley that it may be tough, but we went anyway. 

The alarm lept into life at 5am and I woke up Davey and then Rupe. I went downstairs and made sandwiches and breakfast. Just when all the jobs were done, Davey appeared! Perfect timing. 
He started to eat and I asked him if Rupe was up. Davey went back upstairs to check and Rupe had fallen back asleep. Davey woke him again and started to leave the room, Rupe went back to sleep, again!! Third time to be woken and Rupe finally got out of bed. 
With the car packed (and filled with petrol, harder than it should be currently!) We set off. 
We stopped at the farm shop and bought a day ticket for Davey. Still not sure if he can fish the members bit on a day ticket and with me. Will have to find out. Kit all loaded, we walked to the river. 

Now, lets start with the result.
Adam non blank
Rupe Cray fish -I told him this doesn't count!!
Davey blank.

Let's tell you what happened. 

We walked a short way downstream to a comfortable swim and cast in. Clearly these two were too comfortable as soon they were horizontal again while I watched the rods. Just sitting up enough to eat or drink something! 

We started with meat on the hook and I threw in some floating bread to see if the shallow water would mean the fish would take surface baits. We moved upstream for a few swims in the hope we could find the Chub. About six swims fished to varying degrees but nothing. The twitches and knocks only being from Ronnie and Reggie and only one hanging on long enough for Rupe to bring him ashore. 

The weather was 'mild' aka boiling!! With our lunch all eaten, another baiting needle lost and a rod rest snapped it was soon time to about turn and head back downstream.  We trudged back to the car and headed home for fish and chips, although Rupe commented we should really only have chips!! 

"Why did you not blank?"
I hear you ask.
Well, technically I did not blank because I never cast in my rod, so technically I didn't fish! 😂😂

The drive home was uneventful but clearly all too much for some.......