Friday, 19 November 2021

Planes, trains and automobiles

Date fished 19/11/2021

9.45am until 1pm

Sadly today was a blank, but it was good to fish a new venue. Dwix and I travelled by walking, tube and then bus to fish the Grand Union Canal at Harefield. We arrived at Harefield and went to the tackle shop, a day ticket and £20 later we walked to the Canal. 

We had to walk the last bit, shame we couldn't get the train direct, seeing the HS2 (topical) construction site in the distance.

We found a good looking swim where the river joined the canal. We used maggots, worms and used bread crumb as ground bait. I started off with a feeder with breadcrumb, worms or maggots on the hook. I then changed to a float. Our only action was when I reeled in and disturbed a fish, it jumped out the water as the float went over it. 

After a few hours of nothing we walked on and I lure fished in the hope of a pike. Sadly no action  either. We decided to call it a day and went for lunch. A few beers later and we are home. The canal definitely had potential. I will add it to the list of fishing again......