Friday, 13 May 2022

Unlucky for some

Date fished 13/05/2022
1pm until 7pm

Friday the 13th we meet again

I once worked with a guy that always booked this day off. He figured it was safer being at home than risking the jinx. He did claim that he was on a step ladder with a chain saw on one particular Friday 13th and there was an "incident".

Prior to the session, I decided to float fish with pellets, so I needed to make some hook lengths with hair rigged bands. I also bought some sweetcorn as a healthy alternative. 

I  checked the weather and it stated "fresh breeze", just like Friday 13th August 2021 so I took the ledger rod too! (Spoiler, it never got used).

Flexi helped me finish early and I was at the lake by 1pm.  The lillies had started to grow back, the howling wind aside it looked good. On the drive over I had changed my mind about bait. It was going to be sweetcorn as the main bait and switch to pellets if not. (Spoiler, I never did change to pellets, the rig tying was not needed!!) 

Micro pellets as loose feed

My swim

The rod was set up already so I was fishing straight away. A few pellets hoping to get the fish going. In less than 10 minutes the float buried and the first fish was landed. I didn't expect a bream so soon! 

Approx 3lb

I fished on, which came with its dangers. One gust had me grabbing hold off my chair, I honestly thought I was going to be blown away. Fortunately the extra chips and beers over the years kept me grounded.
Regular feeding had the float dipping and sailing away often. Within a short time I had another bream and two roach on the tally.

I was soon joined by a committee member and having a good natter. Not paying attention again, I missed several bites/fish. I did comment how I would like a tench......

As ordered!! 

The corn was going down quickly, but I continued with the feeding. The fish kept coming, some ide and hybrids really packing a punch for their weight. Several times they shot off like rockets, and were really only hand sized! 

You will be pleased to know, I didn't take pics of every fish. Several silver's went back without a snap, bream number three was more of a film star! 

The waggler was fished about a rod length off a bush, I tried to feed tight but this was difficult with the wind. I probably fed a 10ft square, where a proper match angler would feed a 10cm square! 
The fish didn't mind though, bream number four arrived soon after.

Another bury of the float was met with a strike. The rod bent over and the fish swam off. I initially thought Carp, but it was not as strong as that. This fish took line and headed towards the lillies. I played it back towards me, it kept low and was pulling back. Eventually it came to the surface, a good bream (defo a pb). I got the net and started to bring it towards me, a quick flip and the hook hold came away. Gutted, I had lost a good one. Was this the Friday 13th jinx? 

Not to be to annoyed, I fished on. The float went again and this time the bream was netted. 

Five bream, one tench, two roach and five silvers landed, there was no jinx! (13 fish)


  1. Not a bad afternoons work at all. Bream do have a nasty habit of falling off the hook as I was reminded myself today. That breeze was a bit of a menace that's why I didn't loose feed today.

  2. I was fishing quite close in, think that helped me. I was not so accurate though. Enjoyable to watch the float

    1. It doesn't matter whether it's a stillwater or river, seeing a float go under is always more pleasurable than watching the rod tip bounce about.

  3. @Keith.J: A cracking day, well in. Also glad to hear that extra chips and beer is actually good for you, an insurance policy to stop you being blown off your chair into the water. :)

    1. Thanks.
      I knew it would come in handy one day!