Wednesday 24 May 2023


 Date fished 24/05/2023

12.50 until 16.35

The lighter evenings are perfect for a few after work hours. Driving to Tilcon takes 11 minutes from the office, so it makes sense to combine the two. "If I have to go in the office, I will fish" - something like that. I pity the person that line manages me!! 

I am off to Dorset with the kids for half term, so thought I would get an extra trip in, I am also thinking of going early (5am) on Saturday too, we will see and I will let you know! Is kinda hard to say no when the weather is playing ball. 

I was preparing before the trip and I noted this is my 274th blog entry, maybe I should of kept that for the 300th, but I looked now. Maybe I will remember for the 300th too, do something special!?

Just the float rod this time, with stronger line. As much as I am not after the carp, I dont like them always smashing me up, lets get one on the bank!

Lots of bites but no fish hooked. Was nice to sit and contemplate stuff on the bank for a few hours. 


  1. Nowt like a good bout of contemplation for contemplating.

  2. Hello that was some good fishing