Saturday 25 May 2024


Date fished 25/5/2024

8am until 1pm

Dragging the kids away from YouTube was easy, I just had to use food. Homemade sausage and egg muffins for the boy and pain au chocolate for the girl. Fully fuelled up, we headed to Tilcon. 

Rupe had a 4m whip he had not used yet, we then had another float rod shared between us. Sweetcorn as bait, not Martha this time. 

The delicate nature of the whip meant Rupe could fish close to the bush. It seems that's where the fish were as he soon caught two ide and a tench, whilst Martha and I were on the blank! 

We switched tactics and soon Martha had an ide too. I believe called "Gerald".

And then a tench, "Gerrard".

I was getting beaten by these two, so I pulled out my A game, Lunch! We sat in the car and ate our sandwiches, I quickly rushed back to the swim and caught two ide.

The whip still proved a great tactic as Rupe lifted into something a little bigger. I had told him about the bream. A great big fish that gives up easy, he smirked. 

This one was no different, it popped to the surface and he brought it across to the waiting net. At 3lb 3oz it was a great bream for his first. 

The final count was:

Dad 2

Martha 3

Rupert 5

We had great family time and even caught fish. Sitting at home, I asked Rupe what the blog title should be. It seems I didn't get in before he turned youtube back on and he simply replied "fishing". 


  1. Looked like a lovely family day out ‘fishing’. Weather was certainly better than it was last on Teesside.

    1. Thanks, yeah. Best day to go, thunderstorms and rain from tomorrow.

  2. That was a great bream it must have been caught by a great angler