Sunday 2 June 2024

Hashy B's

Date fished 2/6/2024

4.45am until 9am

6 Hashy B's

I left the house at 4.45am, arrived at the lake at 4.47am. Perfect! 

The lake looked great. I decided to fish at the opposite end to where I usually do, as it looked so fishy in the early morning mist. Two rods, both ledgering sweetcorn with plenty of loose feed of corn and pellets. 

Short rods and easy tactics. It seemed to work as I was soon getting knocks. At 5.48am the rod hooped over, I was in. I played the fish, it was certainly a tench as it stripped line during a couple of powerful runs. The problem with this lake though, is birds. Well, ducks really. Any bait you throw in, they come on over and any action, they seem to know. I was playing the tench in front of an audience.

Unlike an audience that just sit, these guys get in the way. I don't know how or why but I was shusshing them away whilst playing the fish and the inevitable hook pull and it was away. I felt 'ducked'. 

Soon, reinforcements arrived. Rupert, Martha and Bertie joining me to chat, cast and pretend to coax the ducks away, when in reality Martha wanted to feed them corn! 

As the sun got above the hill, it turned bright and warm. Midges drifted over the swim. I was planning on fishing until 10am and then home for some chores. With no more fishy action but great company, it was no chore to up sticks early and head for hash browns and chocolate milkshakes at 9am!! Now, that's perfect!!