Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Saved a blank

Date fished 23/09/17

After my Barbel fishing I thought I would persist with my Tees Pike target. I went off with lures to see if I could tempt one. I am less familiar with the Tees still, really just getting to grips with it. I took some pellets etc to see if I could maybe tempt a Chub too. I am changing my approach often at the moment, using different bags and taking different kit. It is somewhat annoying to either carry everything or not have the right bits to target a species on the day. I move my kit before each trip to the bag or bags I am taking and see how it works. I will keep you updated on this as it is still a work in progress!


The fishing was hard, I lost a few lures in trees and traces too. In truth I had a nightmare. I had not packed enough traces or bits to make new ones. So by midday I was out of Pike fishing kit so was left to walk around and target Chub. I know big chub are caught on the Tees, I don't know where but do know it’s mostly in the dark. I stayed most of the day and targeted likely areas, but really it was a good opportunity to walk some of the river and try to improve my watercraft.



After a long day of being along the bank, up a tree and wading through the weir,

I set off for home. Grateful of this little fella that I caught on about my first cast, a good many hours before home time. Oh!, and by not having enough Pike bits it seems I need to work harder on my preparation before a trip!!

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