Sunday, 19 May 2019

Excuses excuses!

Date fished 19/5/19
7am till 4pm

Today was one of those days. It started as one of them, continued as one of them, and as I write this on the bank at 15.53 is still being one of them!! I am at Lonsdale Park today. After the net full of Carp at the Oaks a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would come back West to target the Tench and Roach.

As the alarm sounded, I did not feel 100%, but this was a fishing alarm, so I jumped up. Making the flask, sandwiches and packing the car had a good effect, but as I pulled away pre 6am I was not feeling it.

Arriving at the lake, "my" Tench swim was occupied, this really was going down hill. I chatted to another angler and settled for a swim opposite mine. (15.58 now and no fish - spoiler!)

I set up the hybrid feeder and another ledger rod and cast them to likely looking spots. Oh I forgot to say, it was raining! So I sat in the rain and waited. ( Is 16.00, so stick a fork in me, I am done! Always like to finish earlier on a sunday, being a school night and all. Will finish this later)

This section of the lake is weedy, but I managed to cast close to the other anglers baited area, so there was a chance. Eventually the rain stopped, so I switched baits. I used corn, floating plastic corn, pellets of various sizes, boilies and secret pellets! But nothing happened.

After a chat with my fellow blanker, and whilst his mate ( in my swim) landed a carp, it was time to move lakes.

The main lake was heaving, covered in bivvys. 2 were in 'my' Roach swim so I headed for another area. I switched to ledger for carp, and lighter ledger for roach. As I set up the roach rod, my carp rod bleeped and the spool turned. I picked the rod up and a carp between me and the hook surfaced, rolled and bolted. The fish had just caught my line, but no where near the hook.
Suddenly a loud splash and a pike jumped out 2 feet from the bank, did a roll and sploshed back in. I scored him a 9.8!

Nothing happened here, well nothing in a catching sense. I changed baits, areas, and feeding but nothing. Then I saw an otter swim on the far bank, it was time for a move.

Back to the first lake for a late Tench. There was bubbles, I saw 2 large carp swimming in front, I actually scared one as I stood up and didn't see it. I dropped the feeder a few feet from the bank. Sat waiting. Suddenly a bleep and the spool spun slowly. I picked up the rod. Nothing, seems another line bite between me and the hook, with only 6 foot of line!! This was when I started to write this blog, and the title popped into my head.

So here goes, I will end this one with the excuses as I see it.

A week of sun, then rain yesterday
I saw one magpie
I did not feel 100%
Someone was in my swim, twice
The sweet corn was not yellow enough
I hoovered my car on Friday night
The rod rest was not level
Too many anglers
Not enough anglers!
The Tench were off the feed
The Roach had been up late watching Eurovision
I used the left hand cash machine at Tesco
The Otter
The sun was too bright after the rain
Too much frog spawn
The pike jumped right to left
The pellets hole was off centre

And the main reason, because we all know it does come down to something.
Earlier in the week, I washed my lucky Finygo cap. I did mention it at the time, it seems it is lucky after all!!

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