Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Plastic Fantastic!

Date fished 24/8/2021

5.30pm until 9pm

During the evenings, I have been sorting out my fishing cupboard. This entails taking all of the stuff out, filling my lounge with it all, sorting through it, throwing about 0.0001% away and then putting all the rest back in the cupboard. When I did, I found my old bubble floats. I had been talking about these during the recent surface fishing trips, so I was keen to take them with me and give them a go. 

Not mine


We arrived at the lake and our usual swim was free, we set up and started to fire out some dog biscuits. I decided to use a fake biscuit on the hook. Tom saw this and decided to follow.

Tom caught a nice Carp about 5lb quite early on. The fish were feeding, we saw Carp and Bream taking the surface baits. Plenty of interest but no further hook ups. The larger fish seemed to switch off for a while and we could see smaller fish just pecking at the biscuits. Even a change to plastic bread brought me no fish! 

The bats signalled it was time to leave and as we did I pondered "surface fishing. Another blank for me. Think it's time to hang up my bubble floats until next summer. Bring on the cold weather!! 

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