Saturday 14 August 2021

The hundred

Date fished 14/8/2021

7am until 3.30pm

I am writing this blog at 17.50 whilst watching the hundred cricket on tv. I am enjoying this as a tournament and it's very apt today as we must of caught a hundred fish between us today! 

Ellis and I fished a club water on the Tees. We met at the car park at 7am. I arrived at 6.45 and was set up when Ellis arrived. Luckily he had brought me something from Ronald! What a surprise and great start to the day. 

We walked towards our swims. The grass was almost waist height and there were no more swims to be seen. This was not a heavily fished area. I was going to fish in my usual swim but decided that we could both fit in the swim Ellis fished last time. We were soon chatting away as some silver's came to the net. Not our usual Perch though, just Roach and Chublets. 

We were soon feeding a line and fishing along it either side of the middle. Quite often I was fishing under and further down than Ellis (he was downstream). We were doing some synchro fishing, inspired by the Olympics!! 

A change to worm still didn't bring any Perch so I suggested we move. As soon as I did Ellis's float buried and a Perch was in the net. My next trot through and Perch number two. We carried on for a couple of hours, I added only small silvers and smaller Perch, Ellis managing a few better sized Chublets and some decent Perch. We weighed our catch out of interest and about 50 fish for 4lb 13oz, it had been a great couple of hours. 

We went for a stroll (in humid heat through long grass) downstream. We were looking for pegs as last time we fished this in winter the vegetation was less and you could get to the river. We walked the whole stretch and found one peg. Ellis fished it with the float and instantly was into Perch and Chublets. I ledgered meat aside a bush for a Chub, none wanted a late breakfast. 

From the downstream end we walked back to the upstream end. This was where we caught Chub last time, including one of 4lb so we were hopeful of some better fish here. It was 12.51 and I gave Ellis until 1pm to catch a Chub. He duly succeeded and a Chub was in the net at 12.57! 

The next 2.5 hours were over in a blur. We changed between meat and worms and caught Chub and Perch a plenty. The highlight was a Chub on worm (no pic) and several good Perch on ledgered worm that was such a different bite than Chub on meat. 

The keep net of the day would of been impressive but we both much prefer being able to roam. Well, as long as the long grass let's us!!😉

Even though I am so fast I can be in two places at once! 


  1. Looks like to was a jolly nice day out. Know what you mean about the vegetation, that's why I don't mind stretches that are permanently pegged. If you can find the stake in the vegetation.

    1. Yeah. Is tough. I don't want manicured lawn to the water but I would like some pegs!!

  2. Wonderful looking river! The Tees is on my list of rivers to fish for the Barbel, probably in a couple of years I'd imagine. Do you catch them up your way or something of a localised species on the Tees?


    1. The Tees Barbel is rare. Like hens teeth! I know a guy that spent a lot of time and was rewarded with a 12lb fish. They are there, just take some patience (luck).
      See you in 2 years!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, was nice to be among a good few fish!