Sunday, 23 January 2022

A dog's dinner

Date fished 23/01/2022

8am until 12.30pm

Tom had not been fishing in a while and wanted to go Pike fishing. After much fanny, a plan was formed. I had put some feelers out last night and (again) Jason had some responses, Preston Park. It was an area I knew well from seeing it with Ellis from on board Big elbow, but I had never been there on the bank. It was free fishing and there was a good chance of Pike, dogs and Perch. Yes, you read that right. Jason warned about alot of dogs! 

We set off at 6.30am and headed South. In next to know time we were parked up and headed to the river. I had ledger gear with worms as bait, Tom had deadbaits and a lure rod. We found a swim where we could set up and soon my rod was getting knocks. 

The Michelin man was not getting cold! 

Boots a la Essex

Plenty of bites here but no fish

No fish here so we headed off. We worked our way along many swims to find some fish. We looked for signs on the water. There was lots of fish topping. We hoped the fish under the water were feeding. Our friendly Swan had a look for us! 

No fish here lads

We were mostly fishing close in, only about a rod length out. We were positioning baits near to bushes, snags and likely looking spots. As we positioned them, I felt it appropriate to take up a gnome position, says Tom.

A gnome?! 

We spoke to many dog walkers and families as they too enjoyed a morning by the river. It was nice to be in the hustle and bustle, in comparison to river trips where I see no one for hours. In some of the swims we saw used deadbaits that had been thrown in, clearly showing this area is well fished. 

We sat together in a swim watching our bite indicators, Tom admitting he was more often watching my tip instead of his float! Suddenly it happened, a dog darting from no where straight into my bag of bread crumb!! I grabbed the bag and a white nosed black Labrador emerged!! The dog ran off to it's owners as I glared at them. They walked on totally oblivious to the day light robbery. I wonder what they would say if I was in their fridge at 3am!?!  

We fished on and soon it was time to pack up. A short trip that unfortunately ended in a blank. It was great to recce a new area, and feed the local wildlife.


  1. Always love exploring a new venue - hopefully the pike make an appearance next time.

    1. Plenty caught there before, so not sure if that is a good thing or not!?

  2. Pike seem to be a bit hard to come by this season and they don't seem to be in the places you'd expect.

  3. Unlucky Adam, the lower river can be a hard slog at times.

    1. Yeah, seen some good Perch caught there recently. Think I will stick to the middle stretches. A much smaller river there if nothing else.

  4. Signs of life in the small indications on your tip though. A scaled-down choppy in the feeder and half a dendro on the hook might get them grabbing at it a little more. Always good to be on new water.

    1. Good idea. Was more a recce than a fishing trip. I will definitely be back to try again