Saturday, 4 August 2018

"Drier than a ships biscuit"

Date fished 4/8/2018
Time fished 14.00 to 17.00

This is a bit different because I was not fishing! This is all about teaching and making memories. I have joined my son up to a local angling club, that has a small lake in Hexham owned by the EA. Firstly so he can be involved with  a club and secondly so I can get him fishing more. He has fished before and enjoys it.

He always wants to come with me on the rivers, and I always think it's potentially dangerous on the rivers and a long way from home if he is bored. This lake in Hexham has solid platforms and is a stones throw from home.

Armed with his 4m whip and maggots, we picked a swim. 30 seconds in, his float buried and a roach headed our way. I unhooked it and was handing to him when a quick flip saw it go straight back into the water! His next one was going to have a picture entitled "my first Hexham fish"

We needn't of worried, because soon after, another roach came our way, then another and another. When you are 8, numbers matter and he kept note of everyone. We ended on 16!

It was great to spend a few hours teaching him how to fish, and I hope in years to come he can look back on the memory as I do on 26th December 1990.

By the end, he was unhooking his fish, throwing in maggots and telling me to get the net to land the 2 bigger roach he caught. It's amazing passing on hobbies to your kids and he commented on how he enjoys doing hobbies with mummy and daddy.

As he sat eating his packed lunch, and playing with the empty net, I had to smile as he exclaimed "that net's drier than a ships biscuit!!" I still don't know if that is supposed to mean wet or dry, but to say he is "my" son is an understatement!! If only he knew what a euphomism is.

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