Sunday, 5 August 2018

Silver place

Date fished 5/8/18

The fourth fishing trip in a few days saw me fish on board The Big Elbow, with Ellis and a new guy to the Facebook group, Jordan.

Jordan, younger than us, enjoys lure fishing and was keen to show Ellis and I how to do it.
As we met at the boat and sorted the kit, Jordan had a few quick cast with his mepps spinner, and soon had a perch on the bank!!

Ellis and I were gonna struggle against youth.

All the kit aboard, we went off up stream. Looking out for fish showing on the top. Ellis had forgotten (must be old age) his pole and maggots aka the ghetto blaster so there was no silver bashing  (dancing) at disco corner to get us off the dreaded blank.
We soon came to a spot where we could all safely cast our lures.
Straight away Jordan was in again, a good sized perch quickly changed into a nice chub! He had 2 fish, 2 species and Ellis and I had none.

As we carried on fishing and motoring up stream, Ellis was soon into perch. 2, 1, 0 was the score.
We got pushed into the bank area by the wind as we slowly drifted, and were soon all fishing about 10 cm from the boat at the perch that were under us. I quickly made it 2, 1, 1.

We came across an area that had been good in the past. We tried our luck. And mine changed, it was now 2,2,3. I had made a come back.

As we turned around and made our way back, I extended the lead to 2, 2,5 only for Ellis to pull out the big guns!
Ellis is a master at drop shotting, and with a crazy overcast 10 mins the score was suddenly 4, 9,5

Time was the eventual winner and it was time to head for home. It was great to be back on the water, and watching perch and chub chase our lures at such close quarters. Jordan had plenty of lures and skill with them, but it was nice that age won out in the end.
Tight lines both, glad there was no fireworks!!


  1. Nice blog Adam. This post was delivered quicker than a McDonalds egg McMuffin....sans sausage.