Wednesday, 29 June 2022


Date fished 29/6/2022

16.30 until 21.30

Fishing the Swale after work today. There has to be perks with starting early and finishing early aka "flexi" at this time of year. The weather is "good", well it remained light. Time to get on the river after work. 

Long day. Up at 6am, office at 7am. River by 4pm, home at 11pm.

Easy when you know a swim has produced Chub and Barbel recently in a match. Less easy in reality to duplicate that. 

Xcueses excuses! I always have a few up my sleeve. 

I saw another couple of anglers. One float fishing with bread and the other was too far away to chat too. The kingfishers kept me company, I saw two of them too! Didn't chat with them, they were too fast. 

Bait was mostly meat, but I also had pellets in 8mm, 12mm and 15mm. I fed these and did try on the hook.

Laughed at myself after a couple of hours when I decided to cast towards a different bush. Promptly cast right into the bush. New hooklink required! 

Everything dried off, the rain showers were heavy at times and at one stage, I was soaked. The warm weather soon dried me and the gear though. 

Water was low, river is clear and quite full of weed on the bottom. 

Other swims were looked at on the way back to the car.

Result was simple, blank! 

Knowing what I wanted to catch, I persisted for the barbel. Ledger tactics targeting an area near a bush, close to an area of faster well oxygenated water, where the fish may be sat this time of year. 

I used to always write a poem like this in school. The old "first letter of a word down the side" trick. Wish I knew what it was called!!??

No interest. I thought I had some knocks, but in hindsight I think it was weed on the line. It was a constant battle to clear it off the line, weight and hook. 

Going to bed now! 



  1. Great write up as always Adam and the river looks stunning which makes the blank almost bareable.

    1. Thanks, Yeah, it was a lovely evening to be on the river. A fish would of toped it off.

  2. Can’t win them all…
    Really looked a struggle…
    At least you tried…
    Perhaps next time.

    1. HAHAHA! That's the spirit Brian, a great Acrostic of your own! probably more appropriate!

  3. We have returned from 'Smart Working' to 'Home First' in the space of a week. I need to think of a suitable post for the latter.

  4. Ours is now called Hybrid working. Minimum of 40% in the office, the rest at home. I try to coordinate my office days with going evening fishing!