Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Four hours

Date fished 5/7/2022

3.11 pm until 7.11 pm

I decided on a short evening session back  on Tilcon.  I had spent the day in the office so it was on my way home. I had the float rod, some sweetcorn and some left over groundbait/bread mix. Perfect! 

I left the office at 3pm and at eleven minutes past I was parked up. There were a good few cars already there and about 10 other anglers fishing. Always great to see other anglers. I chatted to a few as I picked a swim.

I was set up fairly quickly and a few balls of bait was thrown to the chosen distance just off the lillies.  The lake was low, but surely that makes it easier? The fish are more concentrated?! Well, that's my theory. 

I was soon into fish, some hybrids, roach and skimmers first onto the sweetcorn.

Quality roach

The quality of roach was really good. They were all palm sized, I assume four to the pound? More experienced match anglers can correct me as I have never weighed a palm sized roach, I am not sure what they weigh. I weighed a huge roach once and it was ten ounces so I may be way off. It was a quality fish every chuck though. 

Palm sized skimmer

The silvers kept coming and I was getting into a good rhythm. Next time the float dipped, there was a little more resistance. A nice bream of about three and a half to four pounds. It didn't leave the water as I unhooked it and returned it to the ever shrinking lake. 

Plenty more fish were caught, a perch some more silvers and then finally not the green giant but a lovely green tench.

I must have caught 35 to 40 fish, one day I will keep a note. I wanted to catch 50 and call the blog "bullseye"  but I was happy with the ending. I got into the car and looked at the clock, eleven minutes past, exactly 4 hours! 


  1. What a cracking way to round off a day in the orifice!

    When I look at your second photo I can still hear my (now-departed) dad saying, "Sink your line son". He still berates me from beyond the grave via your fishing photos. :)

    1. Funny how little things bring back memories!
      I alternated with sinking it and leaving it. The wind actually blew the float closer to the lillies and we all know that's where the fish were!!

    2. Whatever you did worked and that's all that matters mate, I just wish the old giffer would leave me in peace! :)

  2. Cracking session. I wouldn't really on match anglers to know the weight of fish. We used to have a guess the weight competition on some matches. Most anglers were miles out.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, wish I had the keep net and scales. Maybe next time

  3. Thanks. Was a perfect end to the day.